Kinondo Kwetu - Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Shimba Hills Safari Elephant, Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya

Nature & Wild Life

  • Kinondo Kwetu Safari Shimba Hills Family & Kids, Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya

Shimba Hills Safari

Shimba Hills National Park is just 45-minutes drive from Kinondo Kwetu, great for game drives with Kinondo Kwetu's experienced Safari guide. Guests can expect to see elephants, sable antelopes, giraffes and many other species of wildlife. Perfect for families with young children wanting a safari without testing the little ones patience.

  • Kinondo Kwetu Nature & Bird Life, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya

Cultural visits & Nature Walks

Kinondo Village & Kinondo Kaya
Kinondo Kwetu is an area of holy trees and some very old graves, declared as a Kaya area. A Kaya is protected by the National Museum of Kenya, in this case protected due to its traditionally sacred meaning to the inhabitants of the area. Many of the trees in Kinondo Kwetu are sacred to the Kinondo people (who believe their old ancestors live amongst the trees), especially the very old Baobab tree with an open trunk. For bird lovers Kinondo is a perfect spot!

  • Kinondo Kwetu Snake Safari, Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya

Hug a Snake!

If you have always wanted to know what a snake feels like...

On request the snake conservancy come with their best "friends". Perfect activity for the young ones!

Kinondo Kwetu
Galu Beach, Diani
Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
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A home away from home...

This is where we live. It is our home on the Indian Ocean. And it will be yours, too, for as many days as you choose. That is why we call it A Home Away From Home. Kinondo Kwetu is a small, all-inclusive luxury resort owned and operated by us, a Swedish family. But beyond the accommodations, food, and amenities you would expect, it also offers another kind of luxury.