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Kinondo Kwetu Trust Fund

Kinondo Kwetu owes much of its charm to its surrounding community and the Kinondo village, from where many among the staff are recruited. To have a respectful interaction with the community is of great importance for us and for our guests. That is why we have established Kinondo Kwetu Trust fund, whose main purposes are to provide health care to the villagers and to support the education of children. The fund sponsors and administers sponsoring of school fees in secondary school. The fund is at present establishing a computer-training center with the aim to educate children and adults.

Kinondo Kwetu Clinic started its operation in November 2008. It offers basic healthcare at a very low cost, a cost that is waived for those who cannot afford it. Since it started, the clinic has been recognized for its good work for HIV and TB patients, as well as for its laboratory.

Read more in the fund's newletter.

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Kinondo Kwetu
Galu Beach, Diani
Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
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A home away from home...

This is where we live. It is our home on the Indian Ocean. And it will be yours, too, for as many days as you choose. That is why we call it A Home Away From Home. Kinondo Kwetu is a small, all-inclusive luxury resort owned and operated by us, a Swedish family. But beyond the accommodations, food, and amenities you would expect, it also offers another kind of luxury.