Kinondo Kwetu - Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Closed for Season, Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya


South Coast of Kenya has a very long sunny season!

Temperature is averagely around 30 degrees Celsius in the Day and 26 degrees celsius at Night.

Humidity: moderate.

Kinondo Kwetu is Open from 1st July until 30th April.

Closed for the rainy season 1st May until 30th June.

Altitude: Sea level. 70% sun hours per year. Rainfall: Approximately 1050mm per year.


Questions, Reservations and Marketing:

24 hours emergency nr: + 254 (0) 710 898 030

Postal address: Kinondo Kwetu Coromandele Resort Ltd. P.O Box 5445 Diani Beach Kenya

Kinondo Kwetu
Galu Beach, Diani
Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
Call: +254710898030 | +254702405543 | +254710251565


A home away from home...

This is where we live. It is our home on the Indian Ocean. And it will be yours, too, for as many days as you choose. That is why we call it A Home Away From Home. Kinondo Kwetu is a small, all-inclusive luxury resort owned and operated by us, a Swedish family. But beyond the accommodations, food, and amenities you would expect, it also offers another kind of luxury.