Kinondo Kwetu - Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya

Indian Ocean tides - High tide & Low tide

Indian ocean & the East African coast can have extreme differences in high tide and low tide. During Spring tide the diffence between high and low tide can be over 4 meter difference in height/depth. During Neap tide result in less difference in tidal conditions with only sometimes only 1 meter. There is a 7 day inteval between Spring and Neap. The tide time shift an average of 45min - 1h per day i.e. high tide at 6.00am will be at 12.00 (noon) 6 days later.

At high tide we have a nice sandy beach, at low tide corals will be visible. We have a 150 meter pier that can take you out into the water. For low tide we also have a raft from where you can jump and swim. Sit-on-top kayaks are available at all times for getting out on the water

Please look at: for an updated tide calendar for your particular dates.

Low Tide: Perfect for - Snorkeling, Boat excursion to Sand Islands, Kite surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP), Kayaking, Horse riding on the beach, Long walks or Beach Jogging.

Neap/Mid Tide: Perfect for Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Swimming of the Pier, Water Skiing, Kayaking.

High Tide: Perfect for Swimming straight of the beach, Boogie boarding (when waves are high), Water skiing (when no waves)

High Spring Tide

  • Kinondo Kwetu High Spring Tide big, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Early Morning High Tide, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya

Low Spring Tide

  • Kinondo Kwetu Low Spring Tide big, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Hotel Beach Spring Low Tide, Galu Beach, Diani, Kenya

The Pier Neap/Mid Tide

  • Kinondo Kwetu Pier Neap & Low Tide, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Neap Tide 4, Galu Beach, Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Kinondo Kwetu Hotel Neap Tide 3, Galu Beach Diani Beach, Kenya
Kinondo Kwetu
Galu Beach, Diani
Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
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A home away from home...

This is where we live. It is our home on the Indian Ocean. And it will be yours, too, for as many days as you choose. That is why we call it A Home Away From Home. Kinondo Kwetu is a small, all-inclusive luxury resort owned and operated by us, a Swedish family. But beyond the accommodations, food, and amenities you would expect, it also offers another kind of luxury.