Kinondo Kwetu
Galu Beach, Diani
Diani Beach, Kenya, Kenya
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Useful information


INTERNET: There is a laptop computer with wireless connection available for guests in the small office near entrance hall. Guests can also use the wireless connection for their own laptops.

Mobile phones: Phone signal is available (Celtel and Safaricom) all the time.

All guest rooms have Kenyan/UK plug sockets, as well as European/Scandinavian sockets. Kinondo Kwetu's electricity does support hairdryers. There are also spare hairdryers for guests to borrow, which can be delivered to room on request.

Please look at: for an updated tide calendar for your particular dates.

At high tide we have a nice sandy beach, at low tide corals will be visible. We have a 150 meter pier that can take you out into the water. For low tide we also have a raft from where you can jump and swim. Sit-on-top kayaks are available at all times for getting out on the water. If you would like more detailed explanation please click on "Indian Ocean Tides" in the menu on the right.

Area Map of Kinondo Kwetu

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