Kinondo Kwetu is a perfect location for wedding celebrations or other group gatherings. It will make you feel like its your own home with full service. These packages are always quoted individually depending on time of year and number of people so please ask us!

“When does a person begin talking about a dream? Our wedding was here, yesterday…and it was perfect and magical. It could not have been more special. Kinondo Kwetu is truly a gateway to the gods!”


Group Retreats

Exclusive yoga weeks, drawing masters from all over the world, are held at Kinondo Kwetu several times per year. As a completely holistic experience, not only does the exercise and ambiance give off a sense of heath and wellbeing, but even the cuisine is suited to detox and revitalize the body. In addition, there are massages, beauty treatments, a wood-fired sauna, 2 swimming pools, a professional tennis course and a small exercise area. Please ask us for arrangements and quote!